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Since our foundation, Research and Development, together with Innovation, has been in our DNA. In this way, we are involved in numerous projects both nationally and internationally.

Biomarker determination using biosensors

CQS is currently participating in the international project H2020-ALLERSCREENING (Point-of-care device based on KETs for diagnosis of food allergies) ref 768641 related to the diagnosis of food allergies, framed in the Horizon Programme H2020;

The aim is to use a novel optical biosensor as an analytical tool for the multiplex detection of specific IgE antibodies against molecular allergens.

In this line of biosensors and immunoassays, CQS can be involved in general biofunctionalisation tasks of surfaces and nanoparticles for implementation in immunodetection systems, as well as in the fine-tuning of experimental assay conditions and their validation.

For the development and clinical validation of this sensor platform, 10 European partners are collaborating:

Previously, CQS has participated in the national project RETOS-ATAPOC (Development and clinical validation of a device for the diagnosis and monitoring of food allergies and food tolerances) ref RTC-2015-3273-1 financed by the ministry of economy and competitiveness (currently ministry of science and innovation) and co-financed with funds FEDER (European Regional Development Fund)

Determination of biomarkers by mass spectrometry

CQS has a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer coupled to liquid chromatography (HPLC-MS/MS), powerful equipment for robust and simultaneous quantification of various analytes. Detection of isoprostanes, sugars, steroids or drugs in clinical samples are some examples of methodologies developed by CQS.

CQS can develop and optimise spectrometric methods for various applications, making the application range of HPLC-MS/MS very wide.

clinical studies

Collaboration in Clinical Research Studies

Research is one of the strategic axes of CQS, with special emphasis on the development of translational research lines. Thanks to this activity, CQS has extensive experience as a collaborating laboratory in clinical research studies both nationally and internationally.


In general, we are working on the development of analytical methodologies for the determination of biomarkers of interest, in order to make the diagnosis of different pathologies more efficient and simple. Our lines are diverse and are related to oxidative stress, allergies, hypogonadism or covid-19, among others.

In addition to biosensors and mass spectrometry, our laboratory has automated analysers and hundreds of determinations that can work at the service of our R&D&I area, thus reinforcing the clinical support of our projects.

It is worth noting that CQS is an innovative SME, a biobank of samples and accredited according to standard 17025, an ideal environment for the development of quality clinical research activities.

Some previous regional and national projects:

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