Research and consulting projects

CQS, as an innovative SME, continuously promotes activity in its R&D Area. Through a highly qualified interdisciplinary team, CQS participates in innovative projects – regionally, nationally and internationally – in order to meet the growing expectations of its clients and collaborating partners.
Research and consulting projects are carried out in the fields of Biotechnology and Technology for the development of new methodologies for in vitro diagnostics and data communication, respectively.

R&D – Biotechnology

We are working on novel analytical methods for the detection of biomarkers of interest in clinical samples. For this, (i) immunochemical techniques such as immunoassays and biosensors are applied and also (ii) reference analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry. In addition, we have a biobank for the correct management of samples.

Work is also being carried out in the field of nanobiotechnology, such as the biofunctionalization of nanoparticles and sensing surfaces.
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r&d – technology

Software tools are developed and implemented to ensure safety, traceability and quality. We have tools with intellectual property and own trademark. The main application is quality management, in a simple, integrated, flexible and personalized way, to favor and facilitate the implementation of ISO accreditation systems in laboratories of different profiles.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the integration of clinical services and applications, we offer IT consulting services with which to help your laboratory / clinical center to achieve the highest quality standards with the help of cutting-edge technology, 100% adapted to your business needs.
Our main product is Smart QMS, a powerful quality management software that saves time and money thanks to its efficiency and ease of use.

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