¿WHAT IS smartQMS?

SmartQMS stands for Smart Quality Management
A software tool created to help any laboratory to manage their quality requirements in a smart way and easily obtain their certification/accreditation
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Advantages against other common systems


Basic SmartQMS

» Most useful edition to accomplish the ISO-9001 certification.
» Very easy to setup and maintain

Available modules of the SmartQMS program:


» The ultimate software tool to accomplish the ISO-15189 Accreditation.
» Full on modules to help you through all the aspects of Quality Assurance.
» Key to achieve the Quality Management goals of any laboratory: small, medium or even large ones.

Includes all modules of the Basic Licence plus:

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This is the laboratory’s document manager that allows full control of all documentation and its changes.
  • This is the document manager of the laboratory that will allow you to have full control of all the documentation and its changes.
  • Customised title page, header and footer for a homogenous and professional image.
  • Keep track of who changed what, who saw the latest version and who did not.
  • Access only to the latest version of the document, keeping your staff up to date.
  • Document databases are behind this module, so you will never lose a document version.
With this module, the laboratory can manage the equipment it has, ensuring that it is properly maintained and in good working order.
  • All equipment information on a single screen.
  • Tracking everything that happens to the device.
  • Add photos of the device and attach all documents.
  • Add technical staff reports for external maintenance.
  • Check all records of the device to find out what, when and by whom (internal maintenance, failures, etc.).
This module gives the laboratory the opportunity to record what is wrong or what may be a potential problem.
  • Creation and follow-up of Non-Conformities (NC) and Proposal for Improvement.
  • Configurable “security” levels.
  • What were the causes and how is it going to be solved?
  • Analyse and Evaluate the problem to ensure that it does not recur.
  • Check what, when and by whom an action was performed.
  • Attach files to the NCs.
  • Calendar events will appear at each step.
  • The workflow provides the requirements of ISO 15189 to keep issues under control.
With this module the laboratory can control all information related to analytical procedures.
  • List of all tests that are configured in the laboratory.
  • See the test requirements and which device performs the test.
  • Ensure that each test has its documentation completed.
  • Within each test you can find all related information: section, report section, units, method, collection instructions, storage instructions, sample type, sample treatment and graphs related to internal quality control.
The Calendar module is designed to keep track of every task/event that deserves attention.
  • Create different calendars for different needs.
  • Configure as many as you want.
  • Link them to employees.
  • Assign each type of event a different colour to make it easily identifiable.
  • Mark events as done and filter out those that are still to be done.
  • Fully integrated with the other modules: no matter where the tasks are performed, they will be reflected in the calendar!
Describe your organisation. Create as many Units as you wish and reorganise them to meet your staffing organisation.
  • Updated profiles for each employee.
  • All employee data in one place: contact information, unit, working life, work experience…
  • Calendar view to quickly see what tasks remain to be done.
  • Advanced system for applying ratings and approving what an employee is authorised to do.
Create your own quality indicators and have full control over your laboratory’s performance.
  • Define a metric to measure: reports, samples …
  • Select how often you want the system to check this metric.
  • Check back frequently to see how these metrics are evolving and make business decisions based on real data!
Improve your system by conducting internal audits and checking that everything is working as it should.
  • Create an audit with all the information you need.
  • Each audit will have as many criteria and activities as it wishes.
  • For each activity to be audited:
    • Write a full report on this.
    • Give it a numerical value as a rating.
    • Add any comments.
  • Evaluate the audit and see what the outcome was.
  • Report it in PDF.
  • Create Non-conformities or Proposals for Improvement from the audit review.
The External Controls module helps to introduce the programmes for the comparison of results into the laboratory workflow.
  • Define all programmes and check that the laboratory will participate for part of the year.
  • Schedule the dates by which the samples must arrive at the laboratory and the deadline for reporting the result and display them in the Calendar.
  • Evaluate all results with customised rules to accept/reject results.
  • Automatically create non-conformities if results need to be reviewed.
  • Attach the supplier’s reports to keep everything organised.
  • Easily see how that test is performing over time and take steps (if necessary) to improve it.

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