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CQS Salud

CQS Lab performs advanced clinical analyses, selects and validates the methods to be followed by establishing analytical objectives in each case, which are maintained through the systematic use of internal controls and programs of external evaluation of the companies More reputable, guaranteeing the quality assurance of the results emitted. In addition, CQS Lab makes available to its clients a service to consult their results on-line complying with the Law of Protection of Data.

The first private clinical laboratory in Spain accredited by ENAC

CQS Laboratory (Chemical Sanitary Consulting), is the first private clinical laboratory accredited in Spain by ENAC (National accreditation entity) according to the international standard Une-ISO 15189:2013 (n º 659/LE1318) and also has one of the scope (Number of accredited products/services) most extensive of all.

laboratory Madrid

Technical Resources

For the implementation, the perfect operation and the development according to the best international reference standards, CQS Laboratory has one of the most advanced equipment in the world:

Hematologic analysers, Biochemicals, Immunochemicals and Coagulometric.


Real-time PCR and PCR

Automated extraction of DNA and RNA.

Nucleic acid Quantification


High Resolution Isoelectroenfoque.

Refrigerated centrifuges.

Class II biological safety cabins.

CO2 incubators.

Cell culture Room.

-80 º C freezers with “CO2 back-up systems”.

Centralized system of continuous temperature monitoring with direct alarm systems to the mobile phone via SMS.


Blood Extraction

CQS Lab currently has two extraction centres in Madrid, both with appointment required:

CQS Laboratory: Marie Curie Street (Rivas Futura Business Park) 7, Beta Building, local 5.1, 28521 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid (Monday – Friday 9:00-14:00h and 15:00-17:30h / Saturday).

We also have a collaborating center in Madrid:

Cristobal Bordiú Street 63, bajo C, 28003 Madrid (Thursday and Tuesday 8:30-10:30h)



CQS Lab makes available to its customers a service to consult their results on-line.

For professionals

If you are a professional, access your account to see your results.

For patients

If you are a patient, access the results of your analysis.

Service Portfolio

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