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El Biobank integrates all blood banks and tissues for therapeutic purposes, research biobanks and any health space dedicated to the collection, treatment, conservation and transfer of human biological samples to researchers.

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Our values are:

Be transparent in the operation.

Search for Sustainability.

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Commitment to society in maintaining scientific-technical rigor and continuous improvement.

Maintain the spirit of public service, accessible, open, close to the user.

Promote professional talent and develop a human team.

Biobank CQS

Definition and objectives

CQS Biobank is defined as a private non-profit organization that receives and stores biological samples of human origin, obtained through altruistic donation of healthy people or with different pathologies.

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The objective is that these samples are then transferred, after compliance with certain requirements, to researchers who request it to carry out different Biomedical Research projects.

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Only the cost of obtaining, processing and storing samples will be passed on to researchers.


It is supported with a Holder, a Scientific Director, a Data File Manager and is also assigned to two external Committees, one Scientific and one Ethical (in the case of the CQS Biobank, the Regional Clinical Research Ethics Committee of Madrid)

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