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Calle Cristóbal Bordiú 63, bajo C, (Extracciones y Fisioterapia), 28003 MadridCalle Marie Curie (Parque empresarial Rivas Futura) 5-7 Edificio Beta Planta 5 Puerta 1 (Extracciones y Laboratorio), 28521 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid +34 91 53 43 548 cqs@cqslab.com www.cqslab.com

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What it is?

CQS Biobank is defined as a private, non-profit establishment that receives and stores biological samples of human origin, in our case obtained by altruistic donation of healthy people or with different pathologies. We also offer the greatest and best options of products for both care and research using a modern structure, adaptable, competetitiva and capable of responding to any requirement and expectation in this field.

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External services and researchers and institutions

We provide researchers and institutions with all the knowledge and tools of the CQS Biobank to meet current or future needs in their research projects.

We also offer a set of services that provide its users with comprehensive health care and personalized, based on the highest standards of quality, state-of-the-art technology and scientific qualification.

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Donate Blood for Research

We promote and facilitate studies in different areas of biomedical research, being fundamental for the development of personalized medicine.


We promote research in the biotechnology, hospital, university and business fields creating collaborative forums.


We guarantee compliance with current regulations for the transfer of samples.


We assure the quality of the samples, their number and representativeness of the pathologies.

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